best books selected by the New York Times from to


  • The width of each book represents the page numbers.
  • The height of each book represents the average ratings by Goodreads users.
  • The height of overlayed rectangle is the age of the author at original publication.
  • Genre (Fiction & Nonfiction) is color-coded, in green and red respectively.
  • Books by woman authors are filled with diagonal lines, man authors are solid.
  • The New York Times best sellers are tagged with a star.
  • Translated books are highlighted with a triangle on the top left edge.


  • The title and author (including translator and or editors) of best books are manually scrapped from the New York Times articles.
  • Meta information of each book (incl. page numbers, ratings, publishers) and author (incl. gender, birth and death dates) is acquired with Goodread APIs or parsed from Goodreads pages. Some missing information is added later manually.
  • The New York Times bestseller information is acquired with the New York Times Books API.
  • The dataset till 2016 books was generated on July 15, 2017; For 2017 books on December 21, 2017; For 2018 books on November 29, 2018; For 2019 books on December 02, 2019; For 2020 books on